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GE China-“innovation and the future”

With “innovation and the future” as the theme of the Shanghai zhangjiang high-tech zone innovation exhibition in Shanghai science and technology museum began. As an important innovation in zhangjiang core strength, GE China r&d center was invited to join the plane engine, hybrid electric locomotive, 1.5 mw wind turbines, and bo farce CT machine model, these scientists condensed the wisdom innovation in GE China r&d center to support scientific and technological achievements of China’s innovation strategy concept.

ge china-innovation and the future
GE china-innovation and the futureers, GE China r&d center was established in Shanghai in 2000, in 2003, stationed in Shanghai zhangjiang hi-tech park, innovation in China has entered the year 12. As one of the nation’s largest independent foreign r&d institutions, GE China r&d center has more than 2800 research and development personnel in China, more than 60 world-class laboratory equipment. Research and development center for GE’s global operations and project “in China for China” provide a full range of technical support. GE China r&d center “based on China, service”, always develop tailored solutions for Chinese customers.

As GE is one of the four global r&d cent Side by side with China soar.

Entered the exhibition hall, the audience can see a monster, that is the commercial aircraft corporation of China (COMAC) of the ARJ21 regional jet chooses CF34-10 a engine. As important supplier, GE China r&d center (aviation engineering field engineer has always been closely cooperate with comac, the final assembly line in 2007, after the success of the first flight in 2008, aviation industry in China in 2010 test centers, as well as the domestic airport, each test to continue the flight test, such as cold, high temperature, wind, ice, etc.
2009, CFM (GE and Nike’s flat joint venture shares) of the LEAP – 1 – c engine was chosen as a new comac’s C919 aircraft elected to power. The C919 is the first time to design and manufacture of large passenger jets.
Actively participate in the development of Chinese railway construction
GE has been actively involved in the development of Chinese railway construction, and its development Evolution ® series hybrid electric locomotive is one of the stars, you will also see the model on the innovation exhibition. Evolution ® series hybrid locomotive than mainstream freight locomotives now save 15% fuel, reduce emissions by 50%.
Last July, by the CSR qi shuyan company established joint venture with GE GE changzhou south car diesel engine co., LTD. For production run. 16 diesel engine turbocharger and the joint venture will produce the Evolution dynamic group, this type of engine will be used in this country’s most harmonious N5 type high-power ac drive diesel locomotive.
Support the development of China’s renewable energy
China is to vigorously develop renewable energy, including fan installed capacity of the world. GE has been committed to the wind energy technology development and innovation. The innovation exhibition shows on the GE star – product – 1.5 mw wind turbines model.
Data show that a 1.5 mw wind turbines can provide 3000 Chinese families with a year of power. So far, the GE provides China with 1200 more typhoons electric unit, helped China to achieve green dream.
Strengthen grassroots medical in China
In improving the medical quality, reduce medical costs, for more people to increase the chance of medical aspects, GE’s strategy of “idea” health and the national health reform and the development of the “twelfth five-year” health goal fits well. It is stand for the same concept, a new bo farce 325/315 CT series according to the characteristics of the Chinese market with 40 years of experience in the field of computed tomography (CT) and with the aid of GE’s existing high-tech platform and scientific research and talent advantage, developed and launched in mainland China, to serve the needs of China’s grassroots hospital clinical diagnosis as the goal. You will also be able to see bo farce CT model in showroom.
As of the first half of 2011, bo farce CT was a great success, in the global sales of more than 250 units, including China, India, Europe, Latin America, southeast Asia and Africa and other countries and regions. It is reported that more than 80 countries and regions in the world are starting to prepare sales bo farce CT, fully embodies the “in China for China and for world” strategic concept.

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