“Gold combination” success for 30 years – the alcatel Shanghai bell (asb)

“Gold combination” success for 30 years – the alcatel Shanghai Bell  Alcatel(asb).

shanghai bell

shanghai bell

Alcatel Shanghai bell is the Chinese first joint stock company with foreign investment in the field of high technology. The company has a strong localization ability and extensive global resources, is a multibillion-dollar leading telecom technology provider.
The incumbent ma xiuhong, a vice-minister of commerce in her Shanghai bell: an article in such a review is given on the first after China adopted a policy of opening to the outside of the sino-foreign joint ventures, one of the earliest introduction of foreign high-tech joint ventures, sino-foreign joint venture enterprise development one of the most successful model.
Indeed, in the 30 years reform and opening up, it’s hard to find similar to Shanghai bell development course and characteristics of the enterprise. The company from the date of its birth, it is destined to its unique.

Hard working
Introduced a communication technology process led directly to today’s successful Shanghai bell was born.
The sixties and seventies of last century, it was emerging and booming information technology revolution, information and communication field of all kinds of new technology and new business. For the communication network is of great importance to the development of China is very backward, infrastructure, is undoubtedly a rare opportunity. , meanwhile, has just experienced the “10 years of chaos”, China began the reform and opening up the history of the process.
For relieving the poor communication infrastructure bottlenecks of economic construction, change the backward development of communication network situation, countries formulated and issued a series of policy measures in priority to the development of communication, among them, the introduction of foreign capital and advanced technology, improve the level of their own technology and equipment, is one of important content.
According to the central policy, focus on international and domestic situation, our country communication department at the beginning of the development, specifically to adhere to the combination of introduction, digestion, absorption, innovation, forge a “foreign direct procurement, domestic joint venture cooperation production, domestic independent development and production of” three levels of communication technology development strategy, made across traditional stage of communication development abroad, adopting the latest technology, the construction of a high starting point of the national public communication network major strategic decisions. Than in the joint venture of Shanghai bell company is in this context came into being. Historical mission, it is responsible for is to be in the shortest possible time, successfully introduced and mastering foreign advanced program-controlled exchange technology, form their own r&d and manufacturing capabilities, to promote domestic communications equipment research and development production capacity increase, for the construction of communication network in China, provide technical equipment support for network level of ascension.
For more than 20 years, from the beginning of hard struggle, located in pudong, second startup, to adapt to the new situation of stock reform, from the market development, product structure adjustment, to foreign negotiations, cooperation with multinational companies, alcatel Shanghai bell (asb) has experienced a difficult and tortuous and polish, and experience the process of entrepreneurship, growing, and growing. Currently, as a directly affiliated to the state-owned assets supervision and administration commission of the state council have multibillion-dollar telecoms technology leading the central enterprise, alcatel Shanghai bell (asb) with special international and domestic resources advantages, to create world-class manufacturing level and innovation ability, rely on widely spread all over domestic and overseas market sales and service network, has become one of the largest communication equipment manufacturing enterprises in China.


Reporter: from to Shanghai bell alcatel Shanghai bell company has successfully operated for more than 20 years, you are the first communications class of sino-foreign joint ventures, for China’s communications industry development all has the vital significance. Do you think companies successfully operating in the development of the main reason is what?
Yuan Xin: reform and opening up 30 years, our company is the pioneer, practitioners and beneficiaries. Was founded in 1984, we are the first communications industry in China, sino-foreign joint ventures, catch up with the reform and opening up such a good opportunity. In the 90 s, we through the development of information industry of our country and the development of pudong open opportunities, and continuously grow and improve. Entering the new century, we are faced with the reform of state-owned enterprises and the trend of economic globalization, seize the opportunity to carry on the strategic adjustment and shareholding system reform, the use of the domestic market and international market at the same time, the domestic resources and expand the global resources. Set off a new round of development, the annual double-digit growth.
From the whole process of growth and expansion of the company, both people and system, play an important role. The leadership situation, seize the good opportunity of the development; At the same time, the company’s various management and system, including the unique corporate culture, in great change, also guarantees the enterprise as a whole has maintained steady and healthy development of the key factors. At the same time, we have more than 10000 highly qualified staff and excellent management team, this is also the most powerful guarantee our enterprise continuously develop strong.
Reporter: 30 years of reform and opening-up, the successful experience of Shanghai bell on the depth of the advance of industry and information technology integration in our country play a role? In it, Shanghai bell see what are the opportunities?
Yuan Xin: China has reached a period of industrialization is very important, now need to put the industrialization with information fusion together, let the informatization as a very important element of industrialization. Was industrialising automation, then the digital push industrialization, our age is informationization to promote industrialization now. Between the two, informatization is, in fact, the return of the traditional industry and industrialization has improved.
We tend to focus more on operators, i.e., supply or service industry. But in fact our country in the second industry, especially in the equipment, components, software, associated with other industry chain of awareness is not enough, not enough coordination on the industrial chain. If the combine between the two, for our enterprise, the development of the whole country, is also good for the development of the industry.



In this process, we have also seen the market opportunity, companies like us can not only service for telecom operators, we have to serve the industrial, public services and the operators. For example in the field of transportation, energy, government public affairs field, among all kinds of fields, using information technology to promote industrialization process. On this issue, I think not only has a policy factors, the more we companies to find more opportunities for development.

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