PuDong–resources ability sword refers to the strategy of “Pacific”

Shanghai PuDong–resources ability sword refers to the strategy of “Pacific”.Years ago, two large container ship from yangshan port anchor, respectively to Slovenia and Poland. Container “whole into the whole” different, each have two ship a container of goods in Shanghai split and restructuring. Fight the demolition, means of international container cargo in Shanghai port for the first time of secondary consolidation, and transit hub ports to the world an important step.
A month later, the “two sessions” held in Shanghai. Shanghai municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor Yang in the Shanghai municipal government work report points out, “in 2013 Shanghai will deepen the comprehensive reform pilot in the pudong new area, according to the national deployment of pilot to establish free trade zone, further deepened to open offshore accounts, foreign currency financing lease business innovation in the reform of matters…” “Free trade zone” was included in the first time.
After the first one, the static movement, freaky sword refers to pudong new area, Shanghai. “Four centers”, the construction of the core functional areas, makes the “closest to the world” the free trade zone, is a Shanghai and pudong plot for many years, and constantly seek breakthrough of “Pacific strategy”. And zhangjiang, lingang, yangshan, Disney, and subsequent use of the expo site… Each bright spot in the pudong new area, is permeated with the Pacific international snowboarding progresses.

invest shanghai pudong

invest shanghai pudong

Reform in pudong again big, representatives, members talk excitedly. Shanghai in the afternoon, “two sessions” on the opening day of the political bureau of the central committee of the communist party of China, Shanghai municipal party committee secretary han went pudong delegation, he to longly say: “in the pudong new area is a flag of China’s reform and opening up, the next five years, Shanghai will be seeking leapfrog development, pudong new area to contain the flag of the new content.” He once again stressed: reform should not only have the courage, more must have the wisdom, don’t have the courage to do, to do no intelligence.
Who just returned from shenzhen research committee and municipal party committee of Shanghai pudong new area district party committee secretary of Xu Lin, over discharge, and Shanghai, vice-president of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), pudong new area district Jiang Liang counsel, assigned pudong cadre of reform to consider.
Xi general secretary, is put forward to strive to promote new progress was made in reform and opening up and realize the new breakthrough, a new level, pudong “sanxin”? Han zheng asked insist on first try in the pudong new area, attain “can break through, Shanghai pudong can promotion, the country can draw lessons from”. “SanNeng breach?”
Pudong last year “report card” very grab an eye, leaders are rarely mentioned in the pudong new area, their thinking is: “this year in the pudong new area heddle change mainly lies in: adhere to the market orientation, choose the ‘good’ extremely important breakthrough, to fight for reform in key areas fall to the ground.”
A new round of reform breakthrough, pudong during.
The system construction
Creating a “new signal system”
“From a market economic system reform, administrative system, social management, breaking the system bottleneck, the government does not intervene in the market can regulate economic activity, can also market main body with greater vigor.”
“Major projects must adhere to can fast, fast”, has become a mantra for pudong cadre.
More than a year ago, Mr Zhang was overjoyed returning from the American Wall Street. He served as President of the reflected the auspicious light electricity from lingang building a piece of grass, current year starts, and put into operation, create a similar factory building the fastest speed, 50 volts high-voltage LED chips and other high-end product development success, three years will also be gathered 5000 talents at home and abroad. “Last month I and pudong leaders talked about confusion about research and development policy, the second day after the letter to appoint comrade is door to door, pudong efficiency than New York!” Mr Zhang jokingly said: “let pudong cadre to go to New York, may allow the speed of New York.”
In order to “fast”, pudong sweeping reform of administrative examination and approval system, administrative examination and approval items has been reduced from 724 to 242, the average commitment from statutory time limit for examination and approval of 22 working days to 8.4 days, both fell more than 60%. Promise to inform, the linkage is registered, the administrative examination and approval and technical approval phase separation and so on a number of institutional reforms, through “system and science and technology” mode, the government to make way for the market, make ubiquitous rent-seeking power, more to the enterprise. And import and export of industrial products “quick check” facilitation pilot, customs regulations “air cut-through” customs clearance mode further deepen…
“Pudong” everywhere.
Xu Lin once said, “the reform is not a red light, it is creating a new signal system.” This sentence is often people relish. After all, in June 2005, pudong has become China’s first comprehensive reform test area, the target is “to explore the mechanism of socialist market economy”. Pudong new area district party committee standing committee member and deputy prefects 彭崧 said: “from the reform of market economic system, administrative system, social management, breaking the system bottleneck, the government does not intervene in the market can regulate economic activity, can also market main body with greater vigor.”
Asia’s first “international court, the international sports arbitration court hearing center” located in pudong, pudong introduce expert jury in court in the financial system, financial and intellectual property examination room set up, these are embodied in the pudong new area is committed to build the international legal environment. “International court played” not necessarily to overseas, Colette information system co., LTD. Vice chairman Chen bo shine at the moment.
Beijingers Chen bo, pudong in 1994 years, in the face of the foreign partner of “pudong”, he smiled proudly. “Came I also worry, 10 years later than shenzhen open in the pudong new area, and running the most mature in the planned economy, Shanghai burden heavier, grip more, talk easy! However, pudong smart, shanghai company registration grasp the advanced manufacturing and modern service industry, facing the world, focus on resources, market resources and elements of resources in a multinational company, developing at a breathtaking pace, it is no wonder that foreigners have to study ‘pudong phenomenon’!”
Pudong developers also have a new worry: pudong original policy of dividend, bonus, labor resources dividend gradually released, power in where?
GuanXiaoJun confident, director of the pudong new area development and reform commission (NDRC), the “power on” four centers “, the construction of the core functional area of the national strategy, pudong will represent China to the world economic stage game.” Pudong new area development and reform commission, deputy director of the ensemble to do Wang Jian count, director of the national pilot if free trade zone, the internationalisation of the renminbi, pudong has borne the brunt of the undertake the historical mission. The reform of the pudong ‘dividends’, is the system construction.”

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