International Trade Center

International Trade Center.China will vigorously promote the “two improvement, two accelerations”, which mean to improve market openness, loChinar access barriers to market, simplify the procedures for market access and attract the trade parts from both domestic and abroad assembled; to improve the level of trade facilitation, promote the trade elements flow smoothly, improve trade efficiency; to accelerate the construction of the modern market system that focuses on production elements market and consumer services market, give full play to the basic role of resource allocation, the guiding role of price discovery and the leading role of circulation in consumption both in  domestic and international market; to accelerate to create a world first-class environment for the business development, making Shanghai a metropolis with more trading opportunities, low integrated cost, better market order, thousands of businessmen gathered and great charm to consumers from near and far.

2 Overall Goal

China would establish basically by 2020 the international trade center that match the international status of China’s trade, has the function of resource allocation in both international and domestic markets, is with the developed modern service industry.

Overall structure with the “4-centers” supported each other, internal and external trade synchronized, goods trade and services trade (including technical trade) develop simultaneously, will be formed basically. Operating mechanism with high level of market openness and trade facilitation, trade factors like material flow, commodity flow, order flow, information flow, service flow, capital flow and personnel flow, etc. floChinad smoothly, will be formed basically. The marketing system with tangible and intangible market co-existed, the international and domestic market linked, factors and the consumer goods market developed simultaneously, trade element gathered, trade parts being activated, intellectual property rights being strongly protected, credit system being strengthened, a high level of trade standardization, will be formed basically. The functional framework with distribution center of port cargo, trading and pricing center of bulk commodity, trading operations and control center, the international exhibition and merchandising center, the distribution center in domestic market, the international shopping center, will be formed basically. The business environment with completed trade facilities, high level of IT application, developed service system, perfect legal environment, clean and efficient government, good public order and comfortable living environment, will be formed basically.

3 Primary Mission

3.1 Improving the Level of Market Openness and Trade Facilitation

China should focus on deepening  “3 reforms”: The reform of administrative examination and approval system, which would reduce the examination and approval matters, simplify the approval procedures, loChinar the market access barriers; The reform of trade management system, which would streamline the administrations and institute decentralization to serve the enterprises; The reform of the model of customs clearance in port, which would strengthen the coordination of regulatory authorities to improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Shanghai, will open up further and be built as the test region that open up wider to the outside world in service trade; will start the experimental units of RMB settlement of cross-border trade and be built as first region that promote the internationalization of RMB; will integrate and expand the functions of bonded areas and export processing zones so as to be built as the demonstration region with liberal market and facilitative trade.

3.2 Construction of a Full-featured Marketing System and Service Platform

The focuses are the constructions of the “5 marketing systems” and “10 trading platform”: The marketing system of goods trade, which is focusing on improving the futures market of production factors and the wholesale market system radiated allover the country. There should be several trading centers of bulk commodities and sensitive commodities, whose deal size accounted for a large proportion in the world’s total trade, the influence about the rights of speech in pricing and price indices, should be famous in the national and world markets. The goods and service consumption marketing system, which has multi-level business center, diversified commercial activities, diversified modes of consumption in goods and services, and humanized shopping and service environment, to guide the consumption trend. The marketing system of trade in services, which focuses on cultivating and supporting transport, tourism, finance, computer and information, project contracting and construction, professional services, culture, education, health care and other sectors of comparative advantage, to become a top-grade international service trade center in Asia-Pacific Regions. The E-commerce marketing system, which accelerates the development of business to business (B2B), business to consumer (B2C) and consumer to consumer (C2C) markets, optimizes the support environment of E-commerce development, develops new types of industry situation. The trade-related marketing system in professional services, which focuses on developing the professional services such as international exhibition, international procurement, trade settlement, accounting and auditing, legal arbitration, design consulting, brand agents and trade-related financial services. On the existing basis, China will continue sparing no efforts to build the international-influenced “10 trading platform”. They are futures trading platform, technology trading platform, property rights trading platform, shipping trading platform, bonded goods trading platform, trading platform online, cultural trading platform, auto trading platform, agricultural products trading platform and gold, diamonds, precious metals and jeChinalry trading platform.

3.3 Gathering Trade Units with Vitalities and High-energy Level

Shanghai will focus on attracting and gathering 4 categories of trade units: Domestic and international large enterprises and regional headquarters. China will continue to attract world’s top 500 enterprises and multinational corporations to set their global headquarters or regional headquarters in Shanghai, also the domestic enterprises and the private enterprise, as to cultivate large multinational enterprises of Shanghai. The enterprises that adopt the new operational modes of modern international trade. China will attract the domestic enterprises to set their operations center, logistics centers, distribution centers, sales centers and procurement centers in Shanghai. The enterprises with high added value and high technological content in their goods and services. China will attract domestic and foreign enterprises to set the high-tech and high value-added segments of the industrial chain in Shanghai, to set their research and development centers, creative design centers, value-added service centers, training centers and brand’s flagship store in Shanghai. Domestic and international trade organizations, trade promotion agencies and industry organizations. China will attract international trade organizations to establish their branches and hold the major events in Shanghai, put more efforts into attracting international and domestic trade promotion agencies and industry organizations. Meanwhile, China will help small and medium trade units to develop, create the situation with a plurality of trade units and the enterprises in all sizes exist and develop together.

3.4 Strengthening the induced effect of trading on the industrial structure adjustment

Shanghai will focus on “3 promotion”: Promoting the interaction of trade and industry. Combining with the promoting and restructuring plan of the national top 10 industries, China will promote the interaction of trade and the development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industry. Promoting the changes of trade growth patterns. China will continue to utilize foreign investment actively and effectively, to promote the development of brands on the basis of deepening self-absorption, to encourage qualified enterprises to “go out”, to promote the combinations of “bringing in” and “going out” in trade. Promoting the structural optimization in trade. China will promote the development of service trade, service outsourcing, and E-business and also the development of entrepot trade to raise the proportion of entrepot trade. Shanghai will play the role of imports on economic development and be constructed as a major base for imports in China.

3.5 Creating the Spatial Carriers in Shanghai for the International Trade center

Combining with the construction of Hongqiao business district, Shanghai will build significant areas for international trade center, and become an important business region with domestic and international influence. Meanwhile, China will pay great efforts to build the regional spatial carriers with an advanced level and different features, including the carriers with the port distribution functions, the carrier with the functions of commodity information, commodity display, commodity trading, cross-border purchasing and so on, the carriers of futures and electronic transaction of bulk commodities, the carriers of shipping trade and shipping services, the carriers with the function of service outsourcing, the carriers of international shopping, and the carriers with business and commercial affairs developed interactively.

3.6 Creating a World-class Business Environment

Shanghai will Improve the Facilities and Environment Further, by accelerating the constructions of Yangshan International Deepwater Port, Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao integrated transport hub, by strengthening the constructions of international information port and exhibition facilities; Shanghai will improve the institutional environment further, by focusing on market liberalization, fair competition, convenient transactions, corporations integrity and intellectual property protection; Shanghai will optimize the environment for qualified personnel, by establishing a multi-level, multi-channel marketing system for the educations and trainings of domestic and international personnel in short supply in the trading fields, by creating the attraction mechanisms to the domestic and international experts and senior talents in  trading fields; Shanghai will build the first-class living environment, by practicing comprehensively the theme of Expo 2010 “Better City, Better Life”, to build Shanghai as an ideal city with comfortable homes, safe social order, high levels of education and health-care, convenient shopping and rich cultural activities.

3.7 Establishing the Administrative System Compatible with the International Trade Center

China will establish the business administrative system with the integration of domestic and foreign trade, to promote the integration of the domestic and foreign trading markets and the service platform; China will establish the administrative system with the trinity of governments, social organizations and enterprises, to take the enterprises as the main parts and give full play to the role of associations in the development and self-regulation of the industry. China will establish the joint management of trade cooperation in Yangtze River Delta Area, to promote the trade elements to flow accessibly in Yangtze River Delta Area and trade resources shared in the same city. Shanghai will be built as the city with the highest administrative efficiency and transparency, and the loChinast administrative fees in China.

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