Promoting the development of Shanghai innovation drive

Promoting the development of Shanghai innovation drive, transformation
On March 5, 2013 enterprise registration work meeting city industrial and commercial bureau. Meeting requirements focus on six aspects work: first, the positive reform, innovation policy, service science and technology innovation and strategic emerging industry development, promoting the development of Shanghai innovation drive, transformation. 2 it is to study and formulate corresponding to the Shanghai modern service industry development of the market access measures to support healthcare services, technology services, cultural creative industry, financial industry development, and activate all kinds of market subjects. Three is to further deepen the reform of the administrative examination and approval system and extend parallel examination and approval departments and the project scope of examination and approval, we will further improve the area county docking platform and municipal platform. Four is support zhangjiang hi-tech zone, lingang industrial park, pudong airport, hongqiao electronic commerce core comprehensive bonded zones, zhabei development key functional areas, such as modern service zone and major projects. Five is to do a good job in commercial registration system reform, the transformation and upgrading of individual industrial and commercial households, the farmers’ professional co-operatives exit mechanism research focus on issues such as work. Six is to strengthen the registrar of team construction, improving the capacity of registrar of business and level.



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