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1、Ruputation is always first:high effiency team provide you better service.
2、Proffesinal comes from actual strenth: Project Planning are made for different companies.
3、Experience are from accumulation:Experience of working for international well-know enterprises.
4、Sources are from coorperation:Good relationship with goverment and connection with proffesional companies make sure you are satisfyed.

Kingyee Shanghai Foreign Investment Consulting registration license in china shanghai are at the advantage of :While provide high quality cousoulting services provided,more focus on how to solve real problems.Our advantage service area include:From Consoulting with electronic equipment,yacht industry(design,manufacture,shipping,port, maintenance.etc.),culture creation,industrail investment,petrochemical industry,logistic tranportation,talents dispach,IT new and high industry, right of import and export,biological medicine,advertisement media,video post-production to factory building,rental and employee recuitment.

Introduction of the organization: kingyee Shanghai company registration agency firm is belong to Kingyee Shanghai foreign investment consoulting service center.It is one of few conprehensive foreign investment service organizations in which have 《Units registration agency》qualification in Shanghai.Main business including:Registration of Shanghai foreign investment company,approval of units name,manage business license, taxation registration,and finacial consulting as agents.



Kingyee Shanghai China Foreign Investment Consulting

Mostly provide investment consulting for foreign units to invest and settle in Shanghai,legal document translation and submit,foreign capital policy guidance, tax law interpretation and later maintenance.Provide a good investment environment and feasibility research report for both Chinese and overseas companies.
And also provide to manage approval and declaration of industry and commmerce,taxation, technical supervision, customs,health, invironmental protection,fire control ,bank,foreign excange registration, statistics of taxation,E-port ,etc.

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